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I’ve been a personal trainer for five years, and I’ve worked with men and women ranging from age 16 to age 85. ¬†I’ve worked in both large gyms and private studios. I’ve taught boot camps and conditioning classes. I’ve helped clients with general health improvements, fat loss, and strength improvements. I have a Masters in Applied Nutrition, and I’ve coached many clients through diet changes.

All of these things make me a qualified personal trainer, and being qualified is important.

But I don’t think it’s most important.

What I think is more important are the personal experiences that make me an effective trainer:

  • I am not a lifelong athlete. I began strength training in my early 30s. I know how hard it is to start a new lifestyle, a new fitness routine, after years of building up daily routines and habits that now clash with your fitness goals. I know what it’s like to have long-held negative beliefs about your body and your self-worth, and I know what it’s like to have to fight against those beliefs in order to become a better version of yourself. I’ve battled my own self-doubts, and I can help you conquer yours.
  • I have struggled with food. In the midst of a possible career change several years ago, I began binge eating. I put on almost 30 pounds, and it took me a few years of continuing to struggle with food before I was able to lose any of that weight. I know what it is like to turn to food for comfort, stress relief, reward, and companionship. I found effective ways to change my binge eating habits into more constructive or healthy patterns, and I can help you change yours.
  • I am not a full-time gym rat. I work full-time as a high school teacher all week, so fitting fitness and nutrition into my life takes careful planning. I have to budget my time every day to fit in school, my students’ needs, my own workouts, my clients’ workouts, my gym classes, and my personal life. If you have ever felt that you just didn’t have the time for fitness — whether that be because of family, kids, work, stress, or other obligations — I can help you find the hour or two per week you need.

Fitness and nutrition shouldn’t be daunting mountains to climb. Instead, fitness and nutrition should meet you where you are — whether you are a beginner, just starting your first fitness and nutrition journey, or an advanced gym-goer, looking to take your fitness and nutrition accomplishments to new levels.

All of my services are open to beginners and advanced trainees alike. Together we will determine the best course to help you meet your fitness and nutrition goals, and together we will find the ways to fit that course into the life you want to life.

Now’s the time to reach out — because the sooner we start, the sooner you can step into your goals.


All sessions and classes are held at FITHOUSE, located at 3495 Delaware Avenue, near Sheridan, in Kenmore. Evening and Saturday sessions available.

1Personal Training

One on one attention, customized to your schedule, your goals, and your needs. We will work together to set achievable goals, and I will provide the workouts and guidance to help you reach those goals.

2Group Training

Group training gives you the best of everything — custom programming, personal attention, affordable session prices, and a supportive team of workout partners to keep you accountable and to keep every session fun. Sessions run Monday through Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.

Conditioning Classes

If fat loss, muscle retention, and overall awesomeness are your goals, my FITHOUSE FitBody Conditioning classes are the fastest way to get there. Classes focus on improving your aerobic capacity, your endurance, and your physique. NO FITNESS experience needed; this isn’t a class where you already need to be fit to join in! Classes run for 10-week sessions and are held on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings.



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