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Struggling with food? Let me help.

I struggled with binge eating for 3 years.

In 2012, I realized I had a binge eating problem. And it took me more than the last 3 years to recover.

You see, recovering from binge eating — or over eating or emotional eating — isn’t like recovering from the flu. You can’t just lie around on the couch for 3-5 days, sleep a lot, eat some soup, blow your nose, and then move on.

After a long period of working on my binge eating habit overall, I finally began the process of repairing my relationship with my favorite food:

Peanut Butter.

I wrote Take That, Peanut Butter: Overcoming Trigger Foods so I could share the steps I went through in repairing my relationship with my trigger food.

And as it turns out, overcoming a trigger food isn’t really about the trigger food.

It was about me.


trigger food ebook

Left: August 2014. Right: Today.


In this free ebook, you’ll learn:

  • why it matters that binge eating is a habit
  • what additional triggers might lead to binge eating
  • how I tackled my trigger food

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