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  1. Great post at the nyt! I’m always getting told that I’m overdoing it or working too hard. I love to run and swim. Entering my first marathon in February. Been a competitive swimmer since 8. If I was winning gold medals I’d be a hero but working out hard as Jane average- and especially in japan where women are supposed to be much more fem- I’m always getting told that I should chill out. Some people are impressed. Others worry. I don’t work out for health per se – more because I like to beat myself down and then try and be faster and better. Blah blah. Great comment. Cheers. Lisa

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  3. I was going to comment on your “period” post but the comments were disabled.

    I was actually referred to your blog via a post I have on bb.com. After reading your story – it sounded so similar I had to write you.

    I am a competitive bodybuilder/figure competitor – lifting for 10 years and competing for 3. I lost my period briefly when I first started lifting, but she has been regular as rain until March of 2011 when it all came to a screeching halt. I never gave it much thought until I began having GI issues in late July – 1 week before my last show. Bloating, feels like I am constantly full (like I ate a bowling ball), stomach poofs out. For this they gave me a pelvic/rectal exam, I had an ultrasound done and was given a prescription for antacids which did nothing. On my own I found probiotics which have really helped.

    I also had my annual last week and she suggested I get the progesterone shot as I am now at a higher risk for uterine cancer. I declined (I have always hated BC, refuse to take it and also refused the shot). She said if I went a year that I must do it at that point.

    I know mine is due to excessive leanness. I am 5’3 and competed at 106 for my last show (currently I am at 107) – to put in comparison I have done other shows in the 115-118 range. I reverse dieted up to 2K per day and do minimal cardio – but the reverse dieting has really kept me lean, even going into my off-season as I have gained no weight.

    Aside from stomach issues, I have also experienced sleep problems (went from not being able to sleep to being able to sleep for extended periods), possible increase in hair loss (now I still have a full mane, just more loss for me). Overall though, I rather enjoy not having a period as all those fun PMS symptoms have left me and never having to purchase feminine products. 🙂 I think I would stay this way if I could, but I know that’s not possible as I just turned 30 and the husband and I will want to have kids at some point. Maybe after I get my “pro-card.” 🙂

    • Hi Melina,

      I had comments closed on posts older than 21 days because of spam issues, so I’m sorry your comment wouldn’t go through! I’ve opened comments back up, though, and I hope the comments that ARE already on that post have provided you some insight.

      I have never been below 110, and we’re about the same height, so the line between amenorrhea and getting your period seems to vary from person to person. I’ve also not experienced the sleeping issues (which I hear can be hormone related) nor the hair loss (also hormone related). Have you had your hormone levels tested (i.e. via bloodwork)? It may be worth checking into, as I *thought* sleep issues and hair loss were both estrogen-related problems. That could help shed some light on exactly what the problem is.

      I have to admit that, since I went back on the ring, I am less worried about this than I had been, especially since my doctor is happy with this treatment course. I really am not even close to competition leanness, either, and because my problem started just one month after starting lifting 2 years ago, I think mine is not about body fat percentage or calories. That’s probably part of why my doctor is OK with my treatment course and not pressing me to either gain weight or give up lifting.

      You definitely, however, should figure out what’s going on if you have any intentions of having kids; from what I hear, it can take up to a year to get a regular cycle back for some women, so planning ahead could be essential.

      I hope it works out for you! Thanks for coming by to find that post!

      • Yes – I know. We are looking around 5 years from now though. I am sure it is attributed to my bodyfat level.

        I just thought it was interesting about how we both began to have GI issues. I too thought it was some possible food intolerance (wheat and/or dairy etc.)…I still have the heaviness feeling/bloating at times, but the probiotics have really helped. Regardless if I have these issues in the future, I don’t think I will ever quit taking them.

        • The GI thing *is* interesting — and I have found probiotics to be very, very helpful, too. Doesn’t alleviate the issue 100%, but as close as I’m going to get, I think!

  4. I noticed your post about reading The Primal Blueprint and was wondering if you have a list of books you have read and would recommend regarding diet, nutrition, etc. I am sick of buying books that are trash and don’t offer any new or accurate information. I am loving your blog (especially the challenges)!

  5. I have to tell you, I am loving reading your WNY Weekly’s. I couldn’t wait for my boss to get out of my office today so I could read today’s.

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