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I hate that song “Let It Go.”

I don’t have children, so I wasn’t forced to listen to it constantly, but I heard it too often regardless.

And I dislike anything that sounds too show-tuney, too Broadway, and that song does.

And I am pretty sure I will never see Frozen because of this.




I love Ke$ha’s song “TiK ToK” so much that I know it by heart.

(Note that this is not a “confession” — that word would imply that I think you might judge me for my Ke$ha-love. And that I might be somewhat ashamed of said love. But I am not. I stand proudly beside this love as a fact.)

I promise, however, that despite my Ke$ha-love, I do not puke glitter.




I follow a lot of people on Facebook and Instagram purely because I dislike their fitness beliefs.

They might promote nutrition products or habits that I find misleading, or maybe they post unrealistic claims about workouts, programs, exercises or fat loss.

Sometimes I follow them because they sell meal plans and workouts but aren’t actually trainers or nutritionists.

In other words, I follow them BECAUSE of their problematic posts, not in spite of them.

So if you ever go through my list of Facebook likes & friends or Instagram follows, keep this in mind.

I don’t always “follow” as a means of endorsement.




Anything that tells you you can have something dramatic in x number of days is a lie.

There’s no 21-day fix. Or 30-day butt transformation.

I’ll eventually get around to writing about this, but just rest assured that fitness & nutrition & health are all LONG-TERM commitments.

You can makeover a room in 21 days. Not your butt.




Following Fit will be redesigned very soon — and the focus will shift a bit.

These days I tend to think of fitness as all-encompassing, and I want to be able to write about fitness in a variety of areas — in the gym, in the workplace, in our brains, in our relationships, etc.

So I am re-branding this blog a little. No more “My ongoing journey to understand all things fitness and nutrition.”

It will be more like:

“Following Fit — Finding fitness in everything.”


“Following Fit — Because ‘fit’ doesn’t end with the body.”


Something else?  Thoughts on these options?


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I teach literature to high school students by day. I lift heavy things, train clients, and eat peanut butter by night.

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  1. Oh gosh, I hope I am not one of those accounts you follow out of spite 😉 But I completely understand why you do that, as I do it too!

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