On 3 Quests

New Hot Cereals


I can’t eat oats very often — nor can I eat oat bran. Ever.

And I don’t eat wheat except for an occasional piece of Ezekial bread or pizza from my favorite place.

So I’ve tried brown rice farina (Bob’s Red Mill), cream of buckwheat (Poconos & Bob’s Red Mill), quinoa flakes (Ancient Harvest), and even this:


Earth's Best Organic Rice Cereal


Baby rice cereal.


The problem with 90% of these options is in the preparation:




They all blow up like volcanoes in the microwave.

Oats don’t overflow. Oat bran doesn’t overflow.

And I already eat potatoes all day. I blew through 6 pounds of combined sweet potatoes and white potatoes last week, and I probably will do so again this week.

Is there another brand of rice or buckwheat that I should try? Some ancient, long-lost grain I haven’t given a proper chance?

Help me, grain gurus!



New Fitness & Nutrition Blogs


You might remember that I am doing some side work for The Personal Trainer Development Center, compiling the best fitness articles of each week and publishing a list of them each Sunday.

I’ve been diligently adding blogs to the mix from which we pick each week — I’ve added more female trainers, more evidence-based nutrition authors, and more motivation- and attitude-related sites.

I would love, however, to have even more from which to choose. Sure, there are some people who are likely to show up on this list quite often. Posts from T-Nation, Elitefts, and Breaking Muscle are generally reliably good. And guys like Bret Contreras and Eric Cressey will get chosen too. That’s great — those sites and those guys are awesome, and there’s a reason why I was reading them before the PTDC post existed.

But we really want — and have tried hard already — to really check *everywhere* for the best of the best in bodybuilding, strength training, general health, fat loss, and nutrition.

So who are we overlooking? 



New Ways to Deal with APT


I’ve read myself to death about anterior pelvic tilt. I’ve been reading about APT for a few years now, actually, and I’ve even done a dedicated lifting program, daily activation exercises, and daily stretches to try to combat my APT.

Much of the reading I’ve done has been in the last few months — ironically enough, all while at work, at my desk job, making that very same APT worse by sitting.

Lately, however, some of my activities are suffering the consequences of my worsened APT. I’ve been experiencing some low back pain during lifts — especially hamstring-related lifts — for a while now. I’ve found ways to modify my form to account for this, but I’m lucky to have developed a good enough mind-muscle connection to be able to consciously tilt my pelvis posteriorly when needed.

In addition to hamstring work, I’ve also started feeling some low back pain during exercises where strong core engagement is necessary — push ups, overhead presses, ab work, even on squats if I’m lazy about my form.

I need new ideas for dealing with this — a specific lifting program? Work on my hip tightness first? Go back to yoga?

Or perhaps I just need new shoes.

Please — give me an excuse to buy new shoes!!


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I teach literature to high school students by day. I lift heavy things, train clients, and eat peanut butter by night.

4 comments on “On 3 Quests

  1. Have you shot Bret Contreras an email or Facebook message about your APT? He’s super helpful in answering questions and might be able to help you out.

    • I haven’t; I did bug my partner on the PTDC post, who now works with Bret, for some new resources since I’ve just about depleted mine. He lead me to a few ideas.

  2. Kristen, the approach that makes the most sense to me is to strengthen the hell out of PPT positions – RKC planks, hollow body holds, American hip thrusts, etc. I’ve read everything on this topic too, but I find most proposed solutions to be rather wimpy and inferior IMO. Best of luck! BC

    • Thanks, Bret — I’ve been frustrated by seeing the same old recommendations everywhere, so I appreciate your feedback! I hadn’t thought of hollow body holds. They’re on my agenda now!

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