What I’m Doing & Where I’m Going

If you missed it the other day, I let you in on something that’s been happening behind the scenes over the last month:

I am leaving my position as a personal trainer as of the end of this week.

Instead, I am taking a position with a regional health insurance company as a Health Promotion Specialist.



This is the first image google found when I searched for “Health Promotion Specialist.”


Every time I tell someone this, she inevitably asks:

“But what will you be doing?”

Short version:

I will be working with physician’s offices to create wellness programs for their patients.

Long version:

I will be part of a team focused on bringing wellness programs into clinical care situations, which until now, has not been done. Wellness programs now tend to focus on employer sites, which is great, but the team I will be on will be targeting clinical offices instead. I will be working with RDs, RNs, and other HPS team members, in addition to medical office staff, to tailor programs to the specific needs of patients.

To say I am excited to get started would be an understatement. I am thrilled to be part of this!

In addition to my enthusiasm for the work itself, I am looking forward to some of the perks of the job — perks that personal training just didn’t have.

Like no more working evenings.

Or weekends.

Or split days.

And having benefits. A lot of good ones. And ditching my grad student health insurance coverage. Finally.

This is not to say that I don’t feel sad about leaving personal training.

I just have yet to put my thoughts about personal training into some semblance of order that can be shared.

But my thoughts on that are kind of tied to my thoughts about the future of this blog — my blog’s hosting contract was up this coming Thursday, and realizing that always makes me think about whether I want to renew the hosting and continue this site.

I renewed.

So I’m sure I’ll be posting some blog birthday thoughts — in addition to personal training reflections — later this week.

I just need to think about both just a little bit more before I share.

But here’s a hint:

This blog is going to change just a bit in the coming weeks.

Just like I will be changing in the coming weeks.

Because change is good, yes?


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  1. That’s so exciting! What a great idea– so needed. I’m eager to read more about it. Congratulations!

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