Jammin. Old School. With Koss Fit Buds.

I am seriously on a retro music thing right now.

I’ve been listening to this A Tribe Called Quest song, and all the songs on this 1993 album, for a few weeks now:




And this morning I felt like doing some intervals, and I *might* have rocked this song out for some of it:



YEAH THAT’S RIGHT. Hittin the Bon Jovi.


I’ve also found myself listening to one or all of the following old school artists recently:

And by “old school,” I mostly mean 1990s. Which was 20 years ago!

      • Biz Markie
      • Ice Cube
      • Vanilla Ice (admit your love!)
      • Rage Against the Machine
      • Katrina & the Waves
      • Tori Amos
      • Nate Dogg
      • Radiohead


My favorite thing about my recent listening habits has been these:




Koss was nice enough to send me both their Fit Buds and Fit Clipsheadphones designed specifically for women and specifically for workouts — and I have been enjoying them for a couple of weeks now.

Note: I received these headphones as compensation for this review through Fitfluential and Koss. I received no other compensation, and my opinion is — you guessed it — mine.

These are small and come with several different cover sizes to fit your ears perfectly. I have small ear canals, so I need really small ear buds.

These fit well!




The sound quality on these is perfect. 

I could barely hear myself singing over the sound through these headphones.

(I’m sure the neighbors could have heard me, however, if they’d just walked by my open windows.)

The real test of headphones for me, however, is when I sweat in them. I sweat a lot.





In fact, I sometimes sweat so much that sweat gets into my ears, causing my ear buds to slide around and eventually pop out.


This doesn’t happen with the Fit Buds or Fit Clips — and that, in my mind, is the best reason to buy them.

If you want your own Fit Series headphones, Koss is running a $5 off special, with free shipping, if you use the code FIT4LIFE on their website.


So what old school music do you still rock?

And how important are good headphones for your workout?


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