Saturday Stuff

I really hate titling posts these days. I find it annoying.

Maybe the real problem is that I keep writing posts that are nothing more than haphazardly thrown together blurbs of mostly food & fitness-related stuff.

I should just start a blog series called “Kristen can’t write a cohesive paragraph longer than 3 sentences.”

Oh well. Cohesiveness is overrated, no?

Here’s the stuff: 

1. Low carb makes me feel pretty effing good.

I cut most starchy carbs out this week, just eating some sweet potatoes or fruit at breakfast (and maybe an apple pre-workout).  Even if I include random carbs from the 700 pounds of veggies I’ve been eating every day, I would guess that my total daily carbs are somewhere in the 50-75g per day range.

Needless to say (I hope), I am filling those missing calories with fats instead — avocados, coconut milk, some nut butters, olive oil.

The reason for the cut was simple — I feel really bloated on more carbs, and my IBS turns me into a pregnant-looking-distended-belly mess when I eat a lot of carbs.

I was worried, though, that I might feel less energetic without the carbs.


I feel really good.  And pretty energized.  And seem to be recovering from workouts similarly to if eating more carbs.

Go figure.

Now let’s see how well this energy holds up when boot camp recommences next week.


2. My closet is vomiting gym clothes on me.

I have a walk-in closet. It’s one reason we bought this house.

Within my walk-in closet, I have a small 4-drawer dresser full of gym clothes, plus a large set of floor-to-ceiling built in shelves, of which 2 cubby holes are full of gym clothes.

This week, my cheap little dresser broke AGAIN. The drawer bottoms keep falling out.

And I end up with this:

A perfect place for cats to sleep. I’ve been kicking them out of this drawer all week.

Time to furniture shop.

(Please note that I am not getting rid of gym clothes and am, instead, going to find ways to accommodate the obscene amount of gym clothes in my life.)


3.  New glasses

I kind of love them.

And you can sort of see the vomiting closet over my shoulder in that picture.


4. I hate this article. A lot.

Kathy Freston promotes a vegan diet as a miracle cure-all for obesity, heart disease, and every chronic illness under the sun.  I wrote a post about her crap here.

Here she claims that

“Meat and dairy are concentrated sources of fat and calories. Fat and calories make you fat. Period. Even a lean breast of skinless chicken — certainly the leanest of all the meats — has 20 percent of its calories in fat, 29 percent of which is saturated. So, that’s a problem when it comes to weight loss and health.”

I highly doubt that the mere 3 grams of fat and 1 gram of saturated fat contained in a 3 oz serving of chicken breast is what is making people fat.

In fact, I ate a 3 oz serving of chicken breast 3 times yesterday. I’m pretty sure I won’t be fat tomorrow. Or the next day.


5.  Exciting stuff on the horizon

I have a really great WNY Weekly post in the works for you all — look for it later this week!

And I have a few “35” posts coming up too — I even thought about writing a circuit workout based on the number 35.  It may or may not be torturous.

And later this month, you’ll get to hear about my first Foodie Pen Pal experience! (Let’s just say I’ve already eaten a lot of what I received.)

And I may or may not have the best, biggest, kick ass giveaway coming for you soon. So awesome that I texted people about it, facebook messaged people about it, and generally ran around bragging about it yesterday.

Yeah, it’s *that* good.


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I teach literature to high school students by day. I lift heavy things, train clients, and eat peanut butter by night.

13 comments on “Saturday Stuff

  1. Random crap posts are my calling. I dig your 1 sentence paragraph posts.

    I opened that vegan article to read and plan on doing so after I clean my bathroom *wince*. I hate that stuff though, you’re right. I just ate about 4ish oz of chicken thighs and 2 slices of bacon for breakfast (at 11?). I hope I don’t turn fat too. Sh*t. I’m screwed.

    Looking forward to all your upcoming stuff though! Especially the potential free stuff. Gotta love free.

    • Her book Vegan sounds ridiculous. I’d read it if I wasn’t so sure I’d end up throwing it against a wall.

      Free = awesome. And this is good, I promise 🙂

  2. i ABSOLUTELY hated that article too – so funny you posted that – how does that lady get paid to write that??? ridiculous and just goes to show there is an overload of garbage information thrown at people everyday, and many of these people believe they need to lose weight and accept the information

  3. I love this post so much….I am a big fan of low-carb living…I feel so good that way too…and I LOVE your new glasses…very cute!

  4. Love the new glasses! HATE the article. Argh. Anyone that includes filling up on water before a meal as a weight loss tip is an idiot, in my opinion. No wonder people are getting fatter, when articles like that are telling them their diet should be primarily ‘healthy’ pizza and pasta, with no protein. How about promoting vegetables?!

    • Right??? Promoting fiber kills me. The chicken thing REALLY annoyed me though. And the crap about being “miserable.” I “enjoy” food at every meal, and I don’t need to eat “healthy pizza.”

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